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Needle Felting
Needle Felting is an exciting new craft that is sweeping the world. It is achieved by poking wool fibre ("sliver") with a special barbed needle many times until it begins to felt together. As you poke you are able to turn and shape the wool to form a teddy bear head or arm, or any 3 dimensional shape you want. The finished piece is firm, not squashy and is made of felted wool all the way through, so there is not stuffing needed and no stitching together either. Even the ears can be felted on, not stitched.
Above: 3 beautiful needle felted teddy bears by Barbara Allen (NZ)

Form a small ball, shaping
the head to form a forehead.

Form ears & attach by
poking needle into head

Embroider nose
& mouth

Insert glass eyes & you've completed the head

Form the body

Create the legs and feet in one piece

Shape arms

String joint all pieces

Your finished bear!

Needle felting is fun, easy to master & extremely rewarding. Thousands of bear makers are discover the new way to make very special little bears

Our new Beginners Pack will get you well on your way. Here's what's included:

Book - "Needlefelting Magic (by Barbara Allen)
this is a fabulous new release book containing 56 pages of instructions, diagrams & colour photos. It shows you how to needlefelt step by step & includes a section for beginners & when you've mastered the technique, some wonderful advanced techniques such as adding paw pads, curled over toes, fingers, jowls, & much more!

Felting Needles (4) ( 2 x 36g & 2x40g) These are the 2 most commonly used needles for Needlefelting. The 36g needle is suitable for the majority of work, whilst the 40g needle is useful for finer details. Warning: Felting needles are extremely sharp. Please exercise extreme caution when using & keep away from children & pets.

Beginners to Needle Felting will undoubtedly break a few needles when first starting out, we have therefore included 2 of each needle size in our Beginners Pack.

Wool Fibre.... We have a wonderful array of colours. Needlefelting takes a very small quantity of wool fibre & you'll have lots of colours to make beautiful bears. A bag containing 6 colours included (approx 4oz).

Foam Block.. This is an essential item when needlefelting. You position your wool sliver on the block & poke your needle through the wool & into the foam. It acts as a barrier & makes the whole job a lot easier & safer.

Beginners Pack Only $43.95

Adding Features
Adding special features using Needle Felting is easy.

Adding toe pads & eye patches are easy with Needle Felting. Learn this easy technique in the "Needlefelting Magic" Book.
(Photos courtesy of Needlefelting Magic Book by Barbara Allen)

Here's a little tip for holding your needles. Try using Sculpy clay to make a handle then heat in the oven to set it. You can use more than 1 needle to speed up the job. Using Sculpy you can design your own tools to make felting easier.
& that's not all.....give your bear an "Extreme Makeover"
Felting can also be used to add features to fur bears. Here's an excellent example.. this is "Fogey" by Kympatti Bears. He's been given an "extreme makeover" by adding a whole new face including a fabulous open mouth. All this is achievable by needlefelting.

Pattern & Kit are available for "Fogey"

"Fogey" is a 16" bear made in 226T Tipped Rod Stewart mohair. He is available as a pattern & kit. Kit contains mohair fabric, joints, eyes, paw fabric, nose cotton & wool fibre. Full instructions (including felting instructions) are also included.

"Fogey " the felted bear

Felted Ostrich by Kympatti

Felted Alpaca by Kympatti

Some of our customers have already discovered Needlefelting. Here's some wonderful creations from Kympatti Bears

If you are new to Needle Felting, we highly recommend purchasing the Needlefelting Magic book. This is an excellent publication, written by a very experienced bear maker. You will find the book invaluable

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