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These instruction are for Beary Cheap's "Mo-Dye" other dye's you can use are Dylon and Tintex

You can dye fabric of any colour. White or pale colours are best, as it will give you a colour similar to the dye you are using. If you dye dark coloured fabric the results can go from very interesting to a disaster. Always test a small piece first. You can create some fabulous colours and have one of a kind bears making them truly unique.

You will need:

Mohair fur fabric white or natural coloured
Dyeing vessel/ vat - i.e. Stainless steel sink / laundry trough, plastic bucket or large saucepan
Rubber gloves to avoid staining
Something to stir with - i.e. Long handled wooden spoon.

Dying Hints
Ensure that your dying vat is large enough for your mohair to move around freely.
Make sure there is plenty of water to cover your fabric well.
Ensure that you stir your fabric frequently to prevent uneven dyeing.

What to Dye

You can dye a whole piece of fabric or cut out your bear and dye the pieces. It is even possible to sew up your bear and then dye it before it is jointed and stuffed. Just a couple of points, when the fabric is dyed it can shrink a little so allow for that. If you have already sewn up your bear make sure you pick out the seams well before dying. Picking them out after may give you undyed fur around the seams

How to dye your fabric

1. Throughly wet your mohair
2. Fill your dyeing vat to 3/4 full with hot water - just below boiling point.
3. Dissolve "Mo-Dye" in about 1 cup of very hot or boiling water & mix throughly until well dissolved.
4. Add dye mixture to dye vat & stir throughly, immerse mohair fabric into the dye stirring well. Let soak for approx 30-45 mins stirring occasionaly.
5. Remove mohair from vat. If colour is to your liking rinse throughly in cold water. If colour is a little too strong rinse in hot water then in cold. Hang your fabric out to dry.

If you only have a 1/4 metre of fabric & you want a lighter shade you will only need to use 1/2 your dye solution. You can of course use more or less dye if you wish to obtain a colour lighter or darker.

There are many ways to Dye Fabric for instructions see table above

Possible Problems

Problem: Colour is too light. Reason: Not enough dye added.

You can re-dye using more dye. If you are still dyeing, add some more dye. WARNING.. Always remove the fabric from the dye vat before adding more dye. Stir vat then replace fabric. Adding dye to vat with fabric in it is likely to cause uneven dyeing.

Problem: Colour is too dark Reason: Too much dye used.
The colour will lighten slightly on drying. Use less dye next time.

Problem: Colour is not as it should be.
Reason: Water not hot enough.

Problem: Dye is uneven. Reason:
Vat too small. Not stirred enough.

ProblemDye does not take to fabric well
Dye may not be suitable for dyeing mohair. Try our new "Mo-Dye" specially formulated to dye mohair.


Be careful not to spill dye as it can colour bench tops or floor coverings! If spillage occurs, wipe up immediately.

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