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Teddy Bear Studio
by Ted Menton
Knitting for Teddies
by Catherine Bouquerel
Teddy Bears 
by Debbie Bliss
Felt Wee Folk
by Sally Mavor
Crocheting Teddy Bears
by Barbara & Ruth Jacksier
Best Dressed Teddies
by Betty Lampen

The Art of
Making Teddy Bears

by Jennifer Laing

Making Adorable
Teddy Bears
by Anita Louise Crane

Classic Teddy Bear
by Estelle A. Worrell

Hand Book for
Making Teddy Bears

by Linda Mullins

Making & Dressing
Miniature Teddy Bears

by Julie Owen

Teddy Bear Art
by Jennifer Laing

Two Hour Teddy Bears
by Anita L. Crane

Make Your Own
Teddy Bears

by Doris King

Bear Making 101

Step by Step
Bear Making

by Rose Hill

 Classic Gollies
by Marjorie Fainges



Teddy Bear Studio... 
(by Ted Menten)Top


If you haven't heard of Ted Menten... you have now! He is arguably the world's most famous teddy bear author, artist & teacher. Ted visited Australia a few years ago where he held his highly sought after workshops.. If you missed the workshop, here's the next best thing. Ted's new book has just been released & he shares all his secrets for making bears. 
Inside you'll find:

- Full size patterns for bears & easy to make outfits.
- Step by step instructions, plus tips & secrets to make construction easier
- Special features & advanced techniques to satisfy crafters of all skill levels
- 16 page full colour gallery of teddy bears completed using the patterns & guidelines in the book

- Helpful list of necessary supplies

Knitting for Teddies 
(by Catherine Bouquerel)Top


This is not your average teddy knitting pattern book. It is a beautifully presented 93 page hard cover book, containing 35 beautiful patterns for high quality knitted teddy garments. These patterns are very classy & some even have been specially adepated so that you can knit a matching garment for an infant aged from 3 to 6 months. Each pattern includes a detailed list of the materials, needles & accessoreis required and the instructions for completing each design are accompanied by line diagrams of all the pattern pieces & colour charts of the motifs.
Debbie Bliss Teddy Bears
(by Debbie Bliss)Top


If you like knittting teddies & their clothes, you'll love this book. 25 irresistible designs from cuddly bedtime bears to delightful characters such as the Aviatior & lumberjack Bears. Easy to knit patterns with clear instructions, making them suitable for knitters of all levels of skill. Delightful photographs illustrate every bear in the book.
The Art of Making Miniature Millinery 
(by Timothy Alberts etc)Top


A wonderful book with excellent step by step diagrams for making a variety of hats for dolls. Of course many of these would also be suitable for teddy bears. Explains the many different types & styles of hats & shows you how to make them. 128 pages with full colour photographs throughout. A beautiful hard cover book you'll want to keep. Great for the crafty person!
My Teddy Organiser
(Fact Sheets Album)Top


This is a great idea for bear collectors. If you've got a growing collection of bears & are finding it difficult to remember every detail of every bear, this is a great way to keep things organised. The book contains 60 hole punched teddy organiser pages where you can record every bear's details. There is a spot for a photo & then you simply complete all the information about that particular bear including his maker, country of origin, height, description, price, value etc. A terrific way to keep track of all your bears.
Felt Wee Folk
(by Salley Mavor)Top
Now here's a wonderful new idea. Learn how to make charming, bendable Wee Folk fairies & dolls, tingy figures & accessories by hand using wool felt, chenille stemps, simple embellishments and an easy step by step guide. Book contains 18 complete projects featuring dolls, pins, purses, checkbook covers, pillows & scenic backdrops. You'll learn a host of techniques including applique, embroidery, thread wrapping and painting,. This book is ideal for dollmakers, quiilters & crafters ov every skill level. 
Crocheting Teddy Bears
(by Barbara & Ruth Jacksier)Top
Here's a cute little book at a bargain price. If you like to crochet, here's a book with 16 different teddy patterns to make. Complete directions for making each teddy are accompanied by a photograph of the finished bear. Full size patterns to sew their clothes are also included. This book is also suitable for beginners.
Sweaters for Teddy Bears (Book 1)
(by Betty Lampen)Top
These are small 16 page booklets - which can be taken anywhere.

Book 1 contain patterns & easy to follow instructions for making 12 sweaters for 3 sizes of bears. Each design has a pattern to fit a large, medium & small bears. 

Best Dressed Teddy Bears (Book 3)
by Betty Lampen)Top
These are small 16 page booklets - which can be taken anywhere
Book 2 contains more patterns & instructions for lovely jumpers including cable & fancy yolk designs.


The Art of Making Teddy Bears 
by Jennifer Laing
A terrific beginners book covering all aspects of bear making. Includes 3 patterns, also advise on repairing old bears. Written by an Australian bear artist. ( Excerpt from her book)

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The pieces are all sewn inside out. they are first pinned together with the fur tucked in, then oversewn with a simple overcast stitch to act as a tacking and keep the pieces in position. The pins may be removed as you go. Make sure that you use plenty of pins as the pieces will move as you sew and could otherwise end up misaligned.
Note: Pin pieces together with the heads of the pins to the outside and the points pointing to the middle of the piece. This will keep the piece flt and easy to work with (Fig 8)

Fig 8 - Pinning in preperation for the first seam of the head, from the tip of the nose down to the neck.


Making Adorable Teddy 
by Anita Louise Crane

BearsThe magnificant photos in this book will tempt anyone to try bear making. The professional patterns will ensure great results. A "must have" book! Top

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An excerpt from "Making Adorable Bears"

"Webster is a charming, gentle fellow who lives at the edge of the village in a picturesque English-style cottage. His days are spent working in his lovely English garden Webster can usually be seen among the bushes or somewhere along the path in his ever-present bow tie cultivating or trimming his heirloom old-world roses. He is very proud of his high-topped leather shoes with miniature wooden buttons-even though buttoning those shoes is a frustrating process for  someone with chubby paws like Webster! He feels it is most important to dress correctly while tending to his garden. After all, Webster loves the company of Miss Annebelle as much as he loves his garden.
Every afternoon at tea time, he carries a large bouquet freshly picked from his garden and goes to visit Miss Annebelle. They often sit for hours drinking jasmine tea and chatting the afternoon away. One rainy night, after a day when Webster had missed both working in his garden and having tea with Miss Annabelle, he had a disturbing dream: he was a butler in a large English Manor who was locked outside in the rain and could not find his key to either the front door or the gardening shed. Upon wakening, he discovered the key i his chubby paw, but could not remember where the Manor was. He now keeps his boots on and the key hung on a ribbon around his neck - just in case he has the dream again!"
Classic Teddy Bear Design
by Estelle Ansley Worrell
152 pages of patterns & instructions to make 24 bears. Also contains clothes patterns. Bear patterns range from 3" to 18". A good value book to keep on hand. Top

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An excerpt from "Classic Teddy Bear Design" - page 43

"These classic Teddy Bears possess characteristics of both new and antique bears - those characteristics with timeless appeal. But what makes a bear desirable year after year? What makes one a classic? Well first of all an elegant classic Teddy Bear is usually jointed with sewn-in foot and paw pads. It takes time and effort to construct a bear wth movable parts & make everything fit together properly.  Secondly, he is constructed of good quality materials. If one is going to spend more time making a Teddy Bear, that extra time should be made worth the effort. Thirdly, the best quality bear is well proportioned so that he looks attractive from any angle, sitting or standing. He should possess some characteristics of real bears for after all, he is a toy BEAR. 

Handbook for Making Teddy Bears
by Linda Mullins
88 pages of bear making techniques. Covers face sculpting, eye placement & noses in excellent detail. A terrific learning book.


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An excerpt from "Handbook  for Making Teddy Bears"

"As an illustration, examine the 45 teddy bear heads (colour pictures on cover of  book). These heads were created from two patterns. The wide range of appearance was made possible through individual pattern choice, seam allowance width, fabric selection, direction of fur, stuffing techniques, eye & ear placement, sizes of eyes, nose & mouth choices, shaving techniques, and needle sculpting. As with any art form, there are various tools and materials to consider. The choices you make will vary based on your specific health needs, creative ability, work space available & financial limitations".


Teddy Bear Art by Jennifer Laing
This book concentrates on designing your own patterns. It includes the 3 patterns pictured as well as advanced construction techniques. Also has a section on running your own bear making business.


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An excerpt from "Teddy Bear Art" 
Needle Sculpting is a fairly new innovation and one that can be used to give the bear's character a whole new dimension. Basically it involves stitching through the head in a variety of ways, before the eyes are put in or the nose is embroidered. Using a long needle and a strong thread, small stitches are taken in the area of the face that you want to manipulate, pulled in and secured. It is like plastic surgery for teddy bears! Look at your blank, stuffed head (with the joint inserted) and decide if anything needs improving. Perhaps the bridge of the nose is too wide, or the eye sockets not defined enough, maybe his cheeks need a little more plumpness or he could do with worried eyebrows. There are a lot of ways of increasing facial expression with just a few stitches in the right places."


Two Hour Teddy Bears 
by Anita Louise Crane

Simple quick to sew patterns for beginners. 17 full size patterns & also some clothes patterns. A delightful book to read.


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An excerpt from "Two-Hour Teddy Bears"
"I designed "Bear heart" for a friend who was going off to college. She always had her special "blanket or banky" as a small child and still found it very comforting as she grew older. I created a special bear from the blanket so he could travel with her to college. Tis little bear will always be a special comfort to her. You might want to make this bear for a special friend's birthday placing a card in his arms."

Make Your Own Teddy Bears
by Doris King
Full instructions & patterns for both jointed and unjointed bears. Also full size clothes patterns. One of our most popular beginners books. Good value & easy to follow.

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Step by Step Bear Making
by Rose Hill
50 page book containing patterns for 10 traditional bears. Also contains instructions for dyeing fabric & face trimming.

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An excerpt from "Step by Step Bear Making"
"It is relatively easy to achieve a uniform shaved stubble on a mohair bear, just by laying the scissor blades flat against the backing fabric and clipping the pile off short. You may wish to trim only the triangle between the eyes and nose, or to completely shave the whole muzzle. To shave the whole muzzle take a vertical line down from the corner of each eye as a guide to where trimming should stop. By experimenting you will find that slight variations can make a big difference to a bear's expression. The line between the bear's eyes will determine his temper. A slight dip towards the nose here will make him somewhat grumpy, a straight line across and he could be stubborn, and a slight arch between the eyes will give him a happier disposition.(see diagrams)."




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