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 Place the marker in the gun as shown on the LEFT. Make sure you have the chisel end & that it is pushed fully home.A light touch on the trigger will activate the gun and produce a fine spray of colour. Practice spraying from different distances until you get used to the effect. The gun is easy to use and changing colour is very quick and easy

Be sure to remove the marker from the gun and replace its cap after use. For instruction on  refilling the markers using ink refill see the diagram at the bottom of page.
The standard "Air Can" will last for about 10-15 minutes of continuous use.
If you find this not sufficient then you can consider going to a compressor supply for your air. The standard air can be replaced with an "Air Adapter" which connects by hose to a compressor. We can also supply the complete "Compressor Kit".

Air Hose

Compressor Kit

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